Hellcase Referral Code

Hellcase is a CS2 Case Opening Site, it is probably the oldest and most used sites to open cases. Besides opening cases in CS2, you can open cases on third party websites too. Those sites will give you good chances at getting high value skins. There are also more cases to chose from than on Steam. One big downside to Case Opening Sites is, that you are always going to lose money. However, you will also lose money when you open cases in CS2. So if you want to open cases on Hellcase, we have the best Hellcase Referral Code list for you. After using a referral code on Hellcase, you get some free coins to test the site. You should be at least 18 years old, before you start playing on Hellcase.

Hellcase Referral Code List

All the codes give the same amount of free coins, if any site promises you to give a huge bonus, they are lying. Don’t fall for scams that promise you 50$ or more for free. By using a code from this list, you are safe. You can either type them in manually or click on the code. Because the code is linked to an affiliate link, it will directly send you to the site and give you the bonus.

Opening Cases on Hellcase

So there is one advantage to opening cases on Hellcase: You will get a better return than on the official CS2 cases. However, you are still going to lose money. If you open a case for 100$, you are going to get around 70$ most of the time. If you are lucky you might get more, if you are unlucky you will get nothing. You need to be careful when playing, they make it seem like you are winning money, because the skin prices are higher on the site. In reality, the skin prices are way lower. After withdrawing your skins from Hellcase, you are going to be surprised. When the site shows that a skin is worth 130$ it is going to be around 100$ in reality.

Always play with money that you can afford to lose! Don’t play too much, playing on Hellcase is 18+

Hellcase Referral Code
By using our referral code on Hellcase, you get some free balance to start opening cases on the site.