Top CS2 Betting Sites

CS2 Betting Sites are a big part of the CS2 Community. The game has one of the biggest e-sports scenes in the entire industry and players love to bet on professional matches. CS2 is so popular by now, that you can basically bet real money on professional CS2 matches on the most well-known betting sites like betway, and bet365 but those are not the sites that most players are interested in.
For now, we will ignore most of the real money betting sites and focus on CS2 skin betting sites, which are really interesting for us CS2 players.

List of CS2 Skin Betting Sites 2024

Betting SiteDescriptionBonus CodeRating
CSGOEmpireCSGOEmpire is the most popular CS2 Match Betting Site with instant skin withdraw and depositGamblingnet★★★★★
CSGO500CSGO500 is a really good looking match betting website, with instant skin withdraw and depositCSGOHOWLCOM★★★★★
CSGOatseCSGOatse is a cool betting sites with many skins for withdraw but looks a bit messy and weirdcsgohowlcom★★★★
CSGOFastCSGOFast is a big site for CS2 betting, but they only offer slow withdraw using bots instead of P2P5vo75a-csgo★★★

This list only includes sites that offer real CS2 skin withdrawal, if you can’t withdraw skins, the site is not going to be mentioned on this list. All sites on the list also accept skin deposits, which means that you can deposit your CS2 skins. Then you bet them on a professional CS2 match and if your team wins, you will be able to withdraw better (more expensive) CS2 skins with your winnings.

What are CS2 Match Betting and CS2 Betting Sites?

CS2 Match Betting is a way to use your skins, to bet on professional CS2 matches. If you bet on the right team and your team wins, you get more skins. On the other hand, If you bet on the wrong team and your team loses, you lose your skins. This mode was made popular by CSGOLounge, but this site is pretty much dead. Nowadays most people use trusted CS2 Skin Gambling Sites that also offer Match Betting, like CSGOEmpire. You can instantly deposit your CS2 skins on the sites that we mention, bet on your favorite team and withdraw your winnings instantly.

How to bet on professional CS2 matches

So the first thing you need is some CS2 skins. You can buy them on the steam market or on third party sites like Skinport, Bitskins or Waxpeer. After you have decided which skins you want to use, you can deposit them on your favorite CS2 betting site. We suggest you to use CSGOEmpire or CSGO500. Your skins need to be tradeable for you to be able to deposit them.

After someone decides to accept your skins, you have to trade them to the user that would like to withdraw. The site will give you the trade link of the user, you just have to click it. After that you send the skins that you want to deposit. After the deposit is done, you will get coins on the site. You now go to the “Match Betting” tab. On this page you can place your bet on the team that you think is going to win the game. If your team wins, you will get your coins multiplied. So if you bet 10 coins on a 1.6 multiplier, you will get 16 coins.

After getting the bet right you can withdraw your winnings. To do that you have to go to the “Withdraw” section. On the withdraw page you will find lots of cool CS:GO skins. You can sort them after price or select your price range (e.g. 25 to 100 coins) to find the perfect skins. However, when you withdraw a skin you will have to wait up to 10 minutes, until someone sends you a tradeoffer. Withdrawing usually takes around 2 – 5 minutes. Of course, you can also withdraw Ethereum or Bitcoin.

CSGOEmpire Skin Withdraw Section - CSGO Skin Betting Site