Top CS2 Coinflip Sites

How to play Coinflip

Coinflip is one of the best CS2 Gambling games out there. It is just works like a simple coinflip in real life, the only difference is that you bet coins on the outcome. You can use the coins that you win to withdraw CS:GO skins to your steam inventory. There are many good CS2 Coinflip Sites that you can use.

How to play:
Let’s say you want to play Coinflip on CSGOEmpire. You can choose either T or CT. Now you select the amount of coins you want to bet, let’s say you want to bet 1 coin. After you have posted your coinflip battle, you need to wait until someone joins. On Empire it usually takes less than 1 minute until someone joins your coinflip. Now the coin gets flipped and the side it lands on wins the battle.

List of the best CS2 Coinflip Sites

#1 CSGOEmpire

CSGOEmpire is the biggest CS2 Coinflip Site (biggest CS2 Gambling Site too). The site is trusted by millions of users for over 4 years now. They are a licensed online casino and every game on their site is provably fair. Their house edge on Coinflip is one of the lowest ones out there at 6%. This means if you bet 1$, you don’t get 2$ back, you only get 1.94$. They have many active players, so you will find an opponent quick. However, if it takes too long to find an opponent you can call a bot. That means you play against the site and not against a real person.

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CSGO Coinflip on Gambling Site CSGOEmpire
CS2 Coinflip on CSGOEmpire

#2 CSGO500

CSGO500 is one of the coolest and most legit CS2 Gambling Sites. They don’t have a real coinflip but they have duels which is similar. When creating a duel, you can choose to play against another person which is basically the same as coinflip. You can also play against two or three other players. If you play against one player, the chance is 50/50 if you play against two other players it is 33/33/33. In case you want to play against three other players, the chance is 25% for each player. Of course you can also win a lot more when playing against more players. You can cashout your winnings in skins directly to your CS2 inventory or you can choose any other method. They offer gift cards, game keys and much more for withdraw. You can even withdraw to Case Opening Sites like Gamdom, Farmskins, Daddyskins and many more.

CSGO Coinflip on Gambling Site CSGO500
CS2 Duels (Coinflip) on CSGO500

Win CS2 Skins playing Coinflip

One big questions that most players have is how they can win CS2 skins by playing Coinflip. Sadly, there is no way to win every single time. When you are betting or gambling, you will always lose money (coins) at some point. However, there are some methods that you can use to play a little bit more safe. Those methods can also be useful when you are trying to make a small profit.

Martingale method

The martingale system is a system that you can apply to Coinflip. The idea behind it is really easy. You start with a base bet, for example 1 coin. If you win, you keep playing with your base bet. If you lose, you double your bet. This means that you bet 2 coins after losing 1 coin. As soon as you win, you will have your base bet as your profit. Here are some examples:

You bet 1 coin. This time you win, your profit is +1 coin.

You bet 1 coin. Now you lose, you double your bet and bet 2 coins. You win, this means you get 2 coins and your bet (2 coins) back. You lost 1 coin before, your profit is +1 coin again.

Even if you lose 3 times in a row and win the 4th bet, you will get +1 coin profit:
-1, -2, -4, +8 = -7 +8 = +1.