CSGORoll Referral Code

CSGORoll is one of the best CS2 Gambling Sites out there. We got a great list of referral codes, including the best CSGORoll Referral Code out there. The site only offers CS2 skin withdraws, withdrawing Cryptocurrencies is not possible. Therefore, CSGORoll can offer their services in countries like the USA and other countries that don’t allow gambling with real money. However, you still have to be at least 18 years old to play. Make sure to read their TOS before you start playing, to make sure you are allowed to play on their site. If you would like to try out CSGORoll, you can use one of the codes in the list below. Using a referral code enables you to open three free cases. Every single one has a small chance to win a Dragon Lore.

Full CSGORoll Referral Code List 2024

CodeDescriptionFree Coins
FREEGAMBLINGBy using this code you support our site, CSGOGambling.net0.01 - Dragon Lore
CSGOHOWLBy using this referral code you support CSGOHowl0.01 - Dragon Lore
CSGOGUIDESBy using this referral code you support CSGO-Guides0.01 - Dragon Lore
CSGOCROCOBy using this referral code you support CSGOCroco0.01 - Dragon Lore

You can use whatever referral code you like on CSGORoll, they all give the same amount of free cases (3) and the same low chance to win a Dragon Lore. The most used code on CSGORoll is the one by CSGOHowl. CSGOHowl is a huge affiliate site that offers codes for almost any CS2 site out there. Most people use their code “CSGOHOWL” on CSGORoll (for other sites “csgohowl” or “csgohowlcom”) because they love their site and work. Here is a quick overview over all codes:

CSGORoll Referral Code
Use our code “FREEGAMBLING” or “CSGOHOWL” to open 3 cases for free

About CSGORoll

CSGORoll was one of the first CS2 Gambling Sites out there. Started by a passionate team of young developers in 2016, the site attracted millions of users quickly. The secret behind the rapid success of CSGORoll was a marketing concept with which countless users could be lured to the site. It was an easy concept, you offer players a decent amount of free coins, so they can play on the site a bit without risking their own money. Back in the day, CSGORoll gave new users $10 to play with, but they couldn’t withdraw those $10 before depositing something first. Nowadays, CSGORoll’s concept has changed quite a bit. If you use our referral code now, you don’t get $10 for free, but you get a chance to win an AWP | Dragon Lore. Basically, you can open three cases for free and you have a very small chance to get the Dragon Lore in each of those cases. But most of the time you will only get a cheap P250 | Sand Dune.

What games can I play on CSGORoll?

CSGORoll offers lots of cool games, some are more risky, some less risky. Here is a quick overview over all the game that you can play on the site:

  • Case Opening: Open Cases and win CS2 skins, some are worth a lot and some are worth close to nothing!
  • Crash: Bet coins on a rising multiplier. If the multiplier crashes you lose your coins, so make sure to cashout at the right point!
  • Roulette: Bet on Red, Black or Green. Red and Black payout x2 and Green is like a Jackpot, it pays out x14!
  • Dices: Roll a random number between 0 and 100, you can bet on over or under any number, if you are right you get your coins multiplied!
  • Coinflip: Flip a coin against another player, if the coin hits your site, you get your coins multiplied by 2!
  • Case Battle: Open Cases against another player, if you get more value out of the cases than your opponent, you get his skins too!

Why should I use a referral code?

Using a referral code has many benefits. For example, the referral code gives you some free coins to test out the site. CSGORoll has many game modes, therefore you might not know which one you want to play. A referral code can help you find your favourite game before you decide to deposit your own skins. Furthermore it can help you to see if you like the site or not.

Some sites feel like you have no chance to win, if a site feels like that you shouldn’t play on it. However, CSGORoll is a really good site with a nice free daily bonus and a good amount of cashback. You will most likely still lose some money and skins playing on the site, but at least they give you a really fair chance at winning something. They don’t rig anything and they are 100% trusted as far as we know.